Company secretarial compliance has increased over the last few years, especially since the introduction of Persons of Significant Control legislation. Therefore, ensuring the companies you look after remain compliant is more important than ever.

Below, we have listed the key advantages of outsourcing your company secretarial duties. In particular, outsourcing with First Corporate Law Services.

It saves you valuable time

Due to increasing company secretarial compliance, many accountancy firms are compelled to devote more and more of their time to secretarial duties. This is not always the most rewarding aspect of their practice services. Some firms delegate company secretarial responsibilities to colleagues, who might otherwise be involved in more productive activities. In some cases, even the partners and managers deal with these matters.

Outsourcing your company secretarial duties will provide you with greater time to focus on your individual role and responsibilities. First Corporate will tailor the working procedures to meet your needs, and ensure each event is completed with complete compliance, speed and efficiency. The dedicated team will utilise the secretarial system FirstOrder to process your company events, consequently ensuring all statutory obligations are met.

Company secretarial outsourcing is cost effective

When looking to ensure company compliance, secretarial outsourcing is a budget-friendly option. Based on the number of companies you administer, at First Corporate, prices start from as little as £25.00 + VAT per company, per annum.

You will benefit from working with experienced and reliable individuals

With over 25 years of company secretarial experience, First Corporate are well placed to manage your company portfolio. First Corporate prides itself on customer support; you will not wait long for a response from the dedicated and knowledgeable secretarial support team.

As corporate law experts, the support team can also assist with more in-depth corporate law matters, such as special share restructures, reduction of share capital, and purchase of own shares. More information on these services can be found here.

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