We anticipate a number of important corporate law changes likely to come our way. In this newsletter, we outline the changes and what effect they will have. Please note all the dates given are estimates and are subject to change at short notice depending on Companies House.


From March, the first change will be that all companies will need to provide a registered email address. This means that all incorporations will need to provide a registered email address that Companies House can use to communicate with the company. Companies that are already registered will need to put in their registered email address when they submit their first confirmation statement after 4th March 2024.

Another change coming in March is that all companies must confirm that all the future activities of the company will be lawful. This must be confirmed on each confirmation statement from March. Without this statement, the confirmation statement cannot be filed.


By the end of the year we can expect to have to complete identity verification checks on all directors and persons of significant control when forming new companies. This applies to all company types. Existing companies will have a slight transitional phase to verify the directors and persons of significant controls identities. Everyone who forms companies must either verify their identities or the companies must be formed through a registered agent like ourselves, who will perform the checks.


Within the next couple of years Companies House is expected to transition from paper and online accounts submissions to completely software only account filing. This will mean the process will be more efficient as there will be no postal delays or loses and the filings will be traceable if you would like to check the status.

First Corporate Solutions

Our company secretarial software FirstOrder will be fully updated to capture the required email address to submit when either incorporating a new company or filing the confirmation statement. To find out more…

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